Swiss made quality writing instruments and artist pencils

With the factory based in Geneva, Switzerland, for over 100 years, Caran D’Ache is proudly part of legendary Swiss heritage. Uncompromising top quality permeates every detail of the Caran D’Ache product range, earning the highest reputation of top performance with dependably consistent reliability.

It is all about the values.  Caran D’Ache offers a refreshing break from the all too common focus on the quick, cheap and nasty, a haven focused on celebrating the individual and delivering uncompromised top quality, sustainably.  For generations, famous artists have trusted Caran D’Ache for their greatest works, the enduring lightfastness proving priceless to this day.  The fine writing instruments of the Haute Écriture range have sealed some of the most significant events in history, and delight the hearts of their appreciative owners.  The Office Line range of writing instruments offer affordability to every user without compromising on the tangible quality experience.

Welcome to the world of Caran D’Ache, now available in South Africa!

We look forward to assisting you, please contact us for trade inquiries and further general information.

Corporate Gifting

Pens and writing instruments remain a firm favourite for corporate gifting, and for good reason:

They are a welcome gift to anyone, regardless of sex, race or economic background, and offer an excellent return on investment.

Everyone can always do with an extra pen, particularly a stylish one that works reliably!

The key to an excellent return on investment is to gift a desirable pen which becomes your client’s personal favourite pen and encourages them to carry it with them at all times, keep it on top of their desk at work, and develop fond associations with the name printed on it.  A gift that keeps on giving, it is not uncommon for pens to get passed down through generations, remaining in families for centuries!

The range of Caran D’Ache writing instruments covers your requirements well, from affordable bulk handouts to the ultra-premium writing instruments for your most highly esteemed clients.  Show class and associate your brand with an image of consistent reliability by your choosing an iconic centenial Swiss brand for your corporate gifts!

View the current Caran D’Ache corporate gifting catalogue here for further information!